Customizing Connect Webviews

You can customize the look and feel, brand list, and behavior of your Connect Webviews.

You can use the Seam Console to customize the Connect Webviews that you present to your users through your app.

You can customize the following characteristics of your Connect Webviews:

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Connect Webviews

You can customize the look and feel of your Connect Webviews in the following ways:

  • Inviter Name: Define the name displayed in your Connect Webviews as the entity requesting user authorization for Seam to access their device account.

  • Logo: Choose a logo for your Connect Webviews. Ensure that the image file size does not exceed 1 MB.

  • Logo Shape: Select the shape of your logo displayed in Connect Webviews. Choices are Circle (default) or Square.

  • Primary Button Color: Customize the color of the Action Button in your Connect Webview flow using a hex color code. The default color is #232426, which is almost black, and the default text color on the button is white.

It is important to note that any changes you make to the customization features will apply to all of your new Connect Webviews.

  1. In the left navigation pane of the Seam Console, click Webviews.

  2. In the Customize your Webview pane on the Webviews page, configure any of the following features:

    Customization FeaturesInstructions

    Inviter name

    1. In the Inviter Name area, click Edit.

    2. Type the desired inviter name and then click Save.


    1. In the Logo area, click Upload new logo.

    2. Navigate to and select the image file that contains the desired logo. The image file size cannot exceed 1 MB.

    3. Click Open.

    Logo shape

    1. In the Logo Shape area, click Edit.

    2. Select Circle or Square and then click Save.

    Primary button color

    1. In the Primary Button Color area, click Edit.

    2. Type the desired hex color code and then click Save.

    Note that the default primary button color is #232426 (almost black).

Customize the Brands to Display in Your Connect Webviews

You can customize the device brands (manufacturers) that a Connect Webview should display. You specify the brands to display when you are creating the Connect Webview. Consequently, you can customize this list of brands to display for each of your Connect Webviews.

To display a subset of providers in your Connect Webview, specify one of the following properties for the connect_webview that you are creating:

  • accepted_providers: A list of accepted providers (brands) to display

  • selected_provider: A single provider (brand) to display

For a complete list of available providers, see Device Provider Keys.

If you supply neither of these two properties, the Connect Webview displays all of the stable providers that Seam supports, by default. For more information, see Accepted Provider Category Keys.

For example, the following Connect Webview creation request specifies that the Connect Webview should only display August and Schlage:


created_connect_webview = seam.connect_webviews.create(
  accepted_providers = ["august", "schlage"]



               accepted_providers=['august', 'schlage'],

Customize the Behavior Settings of Your Connect Webviews

You can use the following two properties to customize the behavior of your Connect Webviews:

You configure these properties when you are creating the Connect Webview. Consequently, you can customize these two characteristics for each of your Connect Webviews.


Generally, Seam charges customers on a per-device basis. Sometimes, extra devices that you do not want to use might exist in your account. You can exclude these devices from your bill by marking them as “unmanaged.”

The default value for automatically_manage_new_devices is true. Consequently, by default, Seam imports all devices and makes them available for use. However, if you set this property to false, Seam sets the is_managed property for all new devices to false (that is, unmanaged) when a user first connects their account to Seam.


This property enables you to specify whether Seam should finish syncing all devices in a newly-connected account before completing the associated Connect Webview.

The default value for wait_for_device_creation is false. If wait_for_device_creation is false, you should wait for connected_account.completed_first_sync before retrieving your devices. This event indicates that Seam has finished the first sync of the connected account, and the connected devices are available.

Alternately, if you set wait_for_device_creation to true, Seam finishes syncing all devices in the newly-connected account before proceeding to the final page of the Connect Webview. In this case, you can fetch your devices immediately upon the completion of the Connect Webview.

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