Latch Access Control System

Guide for using the Latch Access Control System with Seam


Seam integrates seamlessly with the Latch management platform. Property managers and owners use the Latch access control system (ACS) to control access across their properties. Latch enables them to manage who has access to which spaces and when, view access history, and set up and manage multiple users and guests.

The Seam integration for Latch enables you to automate the creation of residents and the issuing of credentials to these residents. Within these credentials, you specify the entrances to which the residents have access and the access schedules.

Latch enables you to install wireless door locks and intercom systems in your building. This low-cost solution does not require the hard-wired Latch hub to provision and use mobile keys. However, if you want to provision PIN codes remotely, you do need to install the Latch hub.

Latch ACS Resources

The Seam ACS schema consists of a series of resources that interact intuitively, enabling you to use the Seam API to manage your Latch ACS in a logical, efficient manner. Latch is a credential-based ACS, so you create ACS users and then grant them access permissions using credentials. When you create a credential, you specify the ACS user to which to assign the credential, as well as the allowed entrances and the start and end times for the access schedule.

The following diagram shows the Seam resources for a Latch ACS and the relationships between these resources:

The following table provides a brief description of each of the Seam resources for the Latch ACS:

Seam ResourceDescription

Individual who has been granted access to specific entrance within a building. A user could be a resident or temporary guest.

Physical points of entry within a property that are secured with Latch's smart access devices.

PIN codes or mobile keys. You can only assign one entrance to a key code-based credential. You can assign multiple entrances to mobile keys.

For more information about managing your Latch ACS through Seam, see Credential-based ACS and Access Control Systems.

Supported Features

This integration supports all wireless locks and readers connected to the Latch ACS.

We support the following features:

The Latch ACS does not support remote unlock functionality. Unlock operations must occur through a mobile app.

Device Provider Key

To create a Connect Webview that enables you to connect your Latch ACS to Seam, include the latch device provider key as the selected_provider or in the accepted_providers list. For more information, see Customize the Brands to Display in Your Connect Webview.

Where to Order

To purchase the Latch ACS and devices, contact Latch Sales.

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