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TTLock produces both hardware and software for smart locks. Many other manufacturers utilize TTLock's platform to create their own smart lock products. Locks built on this platform are compatible with a wide range of entrance types, including traditional doors, glass doors, locker doors, and key cylinders. With the TTLock mobile app, businesses can effortlessly lock and unlock doors and program key codes into the locks.

Supported Devices

This integration works any TTLock locks that are paired with a TTLock Gateway.

We support the following features:

Device Provider Key

To create a Connect Webview that enables your users to connect their TTLock devices to Seam, include the ttlock device provider key as the selected_provider or in the accepted_providers list. For more information, see Customize the Brands to Display in Your Connect Webview.

Compatible TTLock Gateways

The TTLock gateway allows the smart lock to connect directly to the internet. By pairing a door lock with the gateway, it becomes compatible with Seam. This enables the immediate retrieval of unlocking records, whether from fingerprints, passwords, or cards.

Setup Instructions

To control TTLock devices using Seam, you must prompt owners of these devices to perform the following steps:

1. Install your TTLock lock and set it up on the TTLock app

Please follow the instructions in this video to set up your door lock on the TTLock app.

2. Pair the lock with a supported TTLock gateway

Please follow the instructions in this video to pair your lock with a Gateway.

3. On the TTLock app, turn on the "Remote Unlock" feature.

Please follow the instructions in this video to turn on the "Remote Unlock" setting for each door lock.


"Lock not paired to gateway" error

On the device, if you notice a ttlock_lock_not_paired_to_gateway error, you will need to purchase a compatible gateway and pair it to the lock. Follow the set up instructions to configure the door lock.

"Gateway unlocking not enabled" warning

On the device, if you notice a ttlock_lock_gateway_unlocking_not_enabled warning, you will need to follow the set up instructions to turn on the "Remote Unlock" feature.

Where to Order

Many manufacturers produce Smart Locks using the TTLock platform. Find a lock by searching for a TTLock lock that fits your entrance type.

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