Guide for using 4SUITES locks with Seam


4SUITES produces cloud-managed Internet of Things (IoT) locks, lock upgrades, and readers for the hospitality industry. Because 4SUITES locks use IoT-enabled sensors, instead of relying on Bluetoothยฎ, guests can use 4SUITES mobile keys through a webapp on a smartphone or other internet-connected deviceโ€”without needing to download an app. Seam integrates with 4SUITES locks to provide streamlined hotel operations and improved guest access.

Supported Devices

This integration supports all 4SUITES locks, lock upgrades, and readers.

We support the following features:

Device Provider Key

To create a Connect Webview that enables your users to connect their 4SUITES devices to Seam, include the four_suites device provider key as the selected_provider or in the accepted_providers list. For more information, see Customize the Brands to Display in Your Connect Webview.

Setup Instructions

To control 4SUITES devices using Seam, you must prompt owners of these devices to perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain the credentials that you use to log in to your 4SUITES account.

  2. Use these credentials to log in to the Seam Connect Webview to add your 4SUITES devices to Seam.

Where to Order

To purchase 4SUITES devices, request a quote using the 4SUITES Contact Us Form.

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