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Reconnecting an Account

An account can become disconnected for many reasons:
  • A user resets their password or clicks "Sign Out of All Devices", invalidating any access tokens Seam may be using to authenticate to the third party API
  • The Third Party Service invalidates access tokens due to excessive usage, or as part of a system update
  • An access token used internally by Seam expires
When an account is disconnected, you'll receive an error like this on your connected_account:
connected_account.get(email="[email protected]")
# ConnectedAccount(
# ...
# errors=[
# {
# error_code: "account_disconnected",
# message: "Account Disconnected, you may need to reconnect the account with a new webview..."
# }
# ]
# )
To resolve, issue a new webview for the user to login with. You may need to instruct them to use the same email they previously used (you can use connected_account.user_identifier for this. See the guide on Connect Views for more information on how to create Connect Webviews.