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Seam makes it easy to integrate IoT devices with your applications!

We have integrated many door locks, thermostats, and other device brands, and we have created simple application programming interfaces (APIs) for interacting with these devices.

To get started quickly with Seam, follow the Quick Start to create an API key and then connect and control your first device.

Getting Started

Install an SDK

Use one of the following methods to install the Seam software development kit (SDK) in the programming language of your choice:

npm i seam

Create and Export Your Seam API Key

Create your Seam API key using the Seam Console. Then, make sure to export this key so that the installed SDK can use it.

$ export SEAM_API_KEY=seam_test2ZTo_0mEYQW2TvNDCxG5Atpj85Ffw

Device APIs

Explore our device API guides to start connecting and controlling specific device categories.

Brand Guides

Explore our in-depth guides to get started with specific devices or brands.

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