Seam API Docs

Seam makes it easy to integrate IoT devices with your applications!
We've integrated many door locks, thermostats, and other devices brands, and created simple APIs for interacting with them. Use the Seam API console to get your API keys. Follow the get started guide to connect and control your first device.

Getting Started

Install Client Libraries

npm i seamapi
pip install seamapi
bundle add seamapi
composer require seamapi/seam
cargo add seamapi-rs
Hello Crustacean! This is a community library and is not officially being maintained by Seam.
Make sure to export your Seam API Key in order for the client library to pick it up:
$ export SEAM_API_KEY=seam_test2ZTo_0mEYQW2TvNDCxG5Atpj85Ffw

Device APIs

Explore our Device API guides to start connecting and controlling specific device categories.

Brand Guides

Explore in-depth guides below to get started with a specific device or brand.
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