Attaching Custom Metadata to the Connect Webview

Use custom metadata to link internal IDs from your application to a Seam Connect Webview and connected account.

Adding Custom Metadata to a Connect Webview enables you to store custom information, like customer details or internal IDs from your application. The custom_metadata is then transferred to any connected accounts connected via the connect webview, making it easy to find and filter these resources in your Seam workspace.

The custom_metadata property supports up to 50 JSON key:value pairs. Upon an account is successfully connected via a connect webview, Seam creates a connected account and copies the custom_metadata to it.

If the custom_metadata property is left blank, Seam will store an empty set ({}) on both the connect webview and connected account resource.

To add custom_metadata to a Connect Webview:

  1. Execute /connect_webviews/create and specify the internal ID as a key:value pair in the custom_metadata. For example:


  provider_category = "stable",
  custom_metadata = {
    "your_app_user_id": "xxxx" # Insert your custom data here.


  custom_metadata={'id': 'internal_id_1'},
  1. Your app presents the Connect Webview to your user.

  2. The user completes the Connect Webview.

  3. Seam creates a connected account containing the user's device account information. This connected account includes a custom_metadata property that automatically contains the information that you set in the custom_metadata property for the Connect Webview.

  4. To retrieve the ID of the connected account associated with the completed Connect Webview, get the connect_webview and check the connected_account_id property.

  5. To retrieve the connected account, get the connected_account with the ID that you identified in the previous step.

  6. Within the returned connected_account, view the custom_metadata.

If a Connect Webview was used to connect an existing connected account (for example, to reconnect a disconnected account), Seam will replace any existing custom metadata in the connected_account object with the new payload.

Next Steps

Once you have attached custom metadata to Connect Webviews, you can filter your Connect Webviews by this custom metadata.

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