PTI Storlogix Cloud

Guide for using the PTI Storlogix Cloud with Seam


This integration uses Storlogix Cloud to create users, generate PIN codes, and grant users access to different access areas within storage rental unit facilities.

Supported Devices and Capabilities

Seam integrates with any site that has Storlogix Cloud installed.

We support the following features:

  • User Management

    You can administer individual users and add them to access groups as needed.

    To authorize a user, add the user to a pti_access_level access group. If you wish to document that a user has rented a specific unit, include them in a pti_unit access group using the same endpoint. Note that certain access levels mandate a user be part of a pti_unit linked to that access area before they can enter those zones.

  • Manage ACS Credentials

    You can create PIN code-based and key card-based ACS credentials. Note that you can assign a unique PIN code to each user, thereby facilitating secure site access.

Device Provider Key

To create a Connect Webview that enables you to connect your PTI Storlogix Cloud to Seam, include the pti device provider key as the selected_provider or in the accepted_providers list. For more information, see Customize the Brands to Display in Your Connect Webview.

Setup Instructions

To connect your Storlogix site, you must provide the following information about your facility to Seam:

  • Site code

  • Site key

  • Operator username

  • Operator password

  • Storlogix Cloud dashboard URL

To obtain this necessary information:

  1. Log in to your Storlogix Cloud dashboard using your operator username and password.

  2. Note the page URL that is in the address bar at the top of your web browser, as well as the operator username and password that you used to log in to the Storlogix Cloud dashboard.

  3. In the top, left corner of the Storlogix Cloud dashboard, click the three-bar button.

  4. Click Operations > Company Info.

  5. Click the Device Settings tab.

  6. Note the SiteKey and SiteCode values.

  7. Log in to the Seam Connect Webview and specify these noted values to connect your PTI system to Seam.

If you do not have access to your Storlogix Cloud dashboardโ€”that is, if you are unsure of your Storlogix Cloud login credentials or the dashboard URLโ€”contact the PTI Security Systems Customer Support team. They can assist you in retrieving your login details.

When contacting a PTI Security Systems Customer Support agent, have your PTI Support PIN or facility information ready.

Make sure that you obtain the appropriate credentials specifically for Storlogix Cloud dashboard access.

Brand-Specific PIN Code Restrictions

The PIN code value must be an integer in the range 1-4294967296.

Assigning Access Permissions to Users

For PTI Storlogix Cloud, you must add the users to pti_access_level and pti_unit access groups to give them access to their storage unit.

For example, you could assign them to the "Building A - 3/F" access level and give them access to the "A301" unit. For details, see Assigning Users to Access Groups.

Brand-Specific Warnings

The following warning might appear for PTI-related users:



A PTI user needs to be assigned to an access level before their access credentials can be used to enter the site.

Where to Order

To find a local PTI Security Systems installer, contact the PTI Security Systems Sales team. You can find the contact information for this team on the PTI Security Systems Sales Contact Us Page.

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