Adding Custom Metadata to a Device

You can add or change custom metadata for a device.

You can use custom metadata to store a custom payload or object, tailored to the specific needs of your app. For example, this feature is useful for tracking customer information, internal user IDs, or other internal resources for a device. Storing custom metadata in a Seam device object enables you to look up an internal resource from directly within your Seam workspace. Then, you can filter devices by the desired metadata.

Use the Update Device method with the optional custom_metadata property to change or add custom metadata for the connected account. This property accepts up to 50 JSON key:value pairs.


device_update = seam.devices.update(
    device = "30fd243b-3054-4384-a713-5487076a3826",
    custom_metadata = {
        "internal_account_id": "user-1"




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