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Creating Intercom CRUD Endpoints


Intercom CRUD endpoints Seam to list intercoms owned by an Intercom Owner and trigger the intercom to open a door.

Listing Intercoms

After an Intercom Owner logs in, Seam lists all the intercoms they own and allows them to enable delivery on them. Your Intercom system should return a JSON list of intercoms.
List all intercoms owned by Intercom Owner

Getting an Intercom

Seam may request intercom information to display information about the intercom to the connecting user.
Get information about a single intercom

Unlocking an Intercom Door

Seam unlocks doors to let in delivery people. If a door is disconnected or you're unable to unlock the door, return HTTP status code 500 with some details (see example below)
Temporary unlock the door for a delivery person

Other Intercom Features

You may want to include additional features for your intercom, such as configuring settings that are useful for delivery or apartment management. If you add additional endpoints, you should keep a similar URL format /intercoms/<INTERCOM_ID>/<SOME_PROPERTY_OR_FUNCTION>