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Comprehensive reference for integrating with Seam API endpoints

Commonly-Used Seam API Endpoints

Workspace Retrieving workspaces and resetting a sandbox workspace
Device Retrieving devices
Connect Webview Creating Connect Webviews
Connected Accounts Retrieving account information
Device Retrieving and updating managed and unmanaged devices
Access Codes Creating, deleting, and retrieving access codes
Lock Performing lock and unlock actions on a device
Event Retrieving events
Action Attempt Retrieving action attempts
Noise Sensors Creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting noise thresholds
Thermostats Retrieving, updating, and setting current and default climate settings on thermostats, as well as creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting climate setting schedules
Access Control Systems Retrieving Access Control Systems (ACSs)
ACS Users Creating, retrieving, updating, suspending, unsuspending, and deleting ACS users, as well as adding users to and removing users from access groups
ACS Access Groups Retrieving ACS access groups, adding users to and removing users from access groups, and listing users in access groups
ACS Credentials Creating, retrieving, and deleting credentials for ACS users