Update a Connected Account

Update the properties of a specified connected account.

Updates any of the following properties of a specified connected account:

  • automatically_manage_new_devices

  • custom_metadata


Specify the desired connected account by including the corresponding connected_account_id in the request body. In addition, in the request body, include the properties that you want to update, along with the desired replacement values.

Request Body Parameters



String Required

ID of the desired connected account


Boolean Optional

Indicates whether Seam should import all new devices for the connected account to make these devices available for use and management by the Seam API. You initially specify the value for this property when creating the corresponding Connect Webview.


JSON object Optional

Specify up to 50 keys, with key names up to 40 characters long. Accepts string or Boolean values. Strings are limited to 500 characters. For more information, see Adding Custom Metadata to Connected Accounts.

Sample Request

connected_account_update = seam.connected_accounts.update(
    connected_account_id = "6e1cad57-b244-40ca-b4f3-30a46c8000d4",
    automatically_manage_new_devices = True,
    custom_metadata = {
        "internal_account_id": "user-1"



Returns a Boolean ok status indicator.

Sample Response

  "ok": true

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