Delete a Connected Account

Delete a Connected Account by ID

Deleting a connected account triggers a connected_account.deleted event and removes the connected account and all data associated with the connected account from Seam, including devices, events, access codes, and so on. For every deleted resource, Seam sends a corresponding deleted event, but the resource is not deleted from the provider.

For example, if you delete a connected account with a device that has an access code, Seam sends a connected_account.deleted event, a device.deleted event, and an access_code.deleted event, but Seam does not remove the access code from the device.

Code Example




type: string

ID of the Connected Account


This section shows the JSON response returned by the API. Since each language encapsulates this response inside objects specific to that language and/or implementation, the actual type in your language might differ from what’s written here.

JSON format

  "ok": true

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