Export your API key as an environment variable. Seam client libs will automatically pick it up. For example:

$ export SEAM_API_KEY=seam_test2ZTo_0mEYQW2TvNDCxG5Atpj85Ffw

Next, run the code below to check you are correctly authenticated:

// Replace with
// const Seam = require("seam")
// if not using ES6 modules and/or TypeScript.
import { Seam } from "seam";

// Seam will automatically use the SEAM_API_KEY environment
// variable if you don't provide an apiKey to `new Seam()`
const seam = new Seam();

const checkAuth = async () => {
  const workspace = await seam.workspaces.get();


  workspace_id: 'ab804f5a-7dd2-42c8-8d09-0beff4f795eb',
  name: 'Sandbox',
  connect_partner_name: 'Acme',
  is_sandbox: true

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