Visionline Credential Metadata

Use the visionline_metadata object to configure Visionline-specific metadata for credentials.

Use the visionline_metadata object within the Seam credential object to include brand-specific data for your Visionline credentials. This visionline_metadata object has the following properties:



Enum (string) Required

Card format for a card-based credential Supported values: TLCode, rfid48 For guest cards, the card format is generally rfid48, a low-capacity card that can store up to 33 consecutive guest rooms, 28 common rooms, and 7 additional rooms. The exception is a guest advanced card, which needs a higher-capacity format.

TLCode is a high-capacity RFID card, for card types needing more than 48 bytes. Card of this type are used for staff cards and guest advanced cards.


Boolean Optional

Indicates whether the credential invalidates any previously-issued credentials for overlapping entrances


String Optional

ID of the ASSA ABLOY Credential Service mobile endpoint associated with the credential


Array of strings Optional

List of credential IDs with which the credential shares entrance access When is_override_key is false, jointCredentialIDs is required.


Boolean Optional

Indicates whether the credential is currently valid

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